The need for great communication has never been greater



New environment

The potential to affect people, create dialogues and change the course of action is expanding fast. New methods of communication create new opportunities but at the same time make it more important than ever to think before we speak. What we say, when we say it and how is what makes the difference between mutual understanding and communication breakdown.


Creative communication

Aton.JL has a range of capabilities specialising in cross-platform creative and strategic communication. Our staff is a group of experts in fields including consulting, analytics, public relations, branding, design and content creation. This gives us the skill set necessary to coordinate and execute communication strategically and comprehensively in close collaboration with our clients.

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Local insight

Aton.JL provides its clients in the public and private sectors with valuable insight and connections into the Icelandic business environment, media and politics. We believe our clients’ biggest opportunities lie in clear and well constructed communication delivered to the right audience at the right time.